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Thank you for your interest and for looking at my paintings!

I will be happy to discuss feelings and opinions of paintings and to answer questions.

I do accept some commissions. If what you have in mind coincides with the work I feel I do well and is something I have interest in pursuing, we can do it!

Marilyn R Miller
208 878 7540
Marilyn R Miller, born in Paul, attended schools in Burley and graduated from Burley High School. Following High School, studies continued at Brigham Young University. She holds a B.A. degree and a Master of Fine Arts degree from BYU

Her career as a studio artist began in Salt Lake City, Utah, and continued until 1991 when she returned to Burley, Idaho, to care for aging parents.

Other work opportunities have included floral and graphic design, art instruction at the Salt Lake Jewish Community Center, Salt lake Art Center, and private workshops.

She served in Hong Kong and in the Philippines as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

She now resides and works in the tranquil setting of her family home in Burley, Idaho with Little Lili Chili Chihuahua, surrounded by great friends, gardens, farmland, mountains, deserts, and the Snake River

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