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Autumn Leaves

October 26, 2013

Autumn Leaves

This morning a most wonderful thing happened right before my eyes! I will be teaching a lesson tomorrow in Relief Society, the organization for women within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the Mormon Church).

While I was at my desk working on my preparations I noticed a car pull up and park. Two young men get out of it, gathered up rakes and a leaf blower, casually walked over to my yard and began raking and blowing all the fallen autumn leaves! They worked without supervision for about an hour and did a WONDERFUL job of removing all the fallen leaves from the whole yard. Then they sauntered with thier tools back to thier car and drove away.

I knew them, of course. I see them every Sunday, smiling, at Church! They are cousins. They live near each other and are near each other in age.

This gift given by outstanding, quiet young men is doubly wonderful to me this day as I have been down with a very pesky cold all week and have been sad that I could not get out to work on cleaning up my yard.

I am grateful!


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  1. So great, this is just another way of heavenly help… Get well soon, I missed you on Skype, now I know why. Love as always ❤

  2. Great story. There is much ‘good’ in the world no matter what the news people say!

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